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Albanian students moving to Germany. 46% more residence permits

The trend of Albanian students opting to study abroad has been growing recently. Most of them are directed to European universities. Data published by Eurostat showed that European Union countries have granted 2360 new residence permits to Albanian students. In relation to the previous year, the number has increased by 17%.

The number of students seeking to study abroad has increased year after year. In 2014, the European Union gave students 1627 residence permits issued for the first time. Since then, their number has been increasing, especially in the last two years.

In 2017 the number of permits granted to Albanian students was 2025.

Among the main reasons for the departure, apart from the academic achievements, is the dissatisfaction with the education in the country. In December of this academic year, students from universities throughout Albania rose to protest for more qualitative education, tariff reductions and improved conditions in auditoriums and dormitories.

Everyone toward Germany

Like for employees, Germany is the main destination for migrant Albanians for study purposes. During 2018 781 residence permits were issued, about 46% more than the previous year. A year ago, 535 residence permits were issued.

After Germany, the highest number of residence permits for reasons of education has Italy. According to Eurostat figures 526 permits were granted to Albanians, out of 337 that were released a year ago.

Third place is France with 2015 residence permit, followed by the United Kingdom with 156, Austria with 132 and the Netherlands with 83 permits.

The highest stock of Albanian students was registered in Italy and Greece, where most of the emigrants with a residence permit are also concentrated. But in recent years the tendency has been growing in the west.

Not just in the west

Residence permits are also issued by Eastern European countries. According to data for 2018, the Romanian state issued 78 permits, followed by Bulgaria with 73 permits.

Will the students return?

At a time when emigration indicators are growing at a slower rate, the probability of returning students going to study abroad is very small. Except students are taught livelihoods in the study countries, the chances of finding a job that is as well paid in Albania are low. Depressed for study reasons are mainly young people. Their departure affects the demographic composition by accelerating the aging of the population in the country, even in the outbreak of “brain”, as they pose the potential for skilled workforce in the country. /MONITOR

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