Birdwatching in Albania

Pack the binoculars and bird watch in the coastal wetlands of Karavasta. Part of the Divjake-Karavasta National Park, the lagoon is the westernmost breeding site of the Dalmatian Pelican. For further birdwatching, visit Kune-Vain, Patok , Tale , Narta lagoon , the nature reserve beside the Drini River, home to spotted eagles, spoonbills and herons and also the Lake of Shkodra.


Euro Birdwatch in Albania

The EuroBirdwatch, which takes place every year in autumn, is the biggest event of the European and Central Asian BirdLife Partners and a very important occasion for the general public and birdwatchers alike to observe bird migration and raise awareness for this special natural phenomenon.

Since its launch in 1993, EuroBirdwatch has steadily become a beloved fixture on the annual BirdLife calendar. Every October, our national partners across Europe and Central Asia host hundreds of local birdwatching events open to all. Experienced birders, inquisitive newcomers, the young and old alike turn out in their droves to observe, identify and count passing birds during the natural event of the season – the great autumn migration where millions of birds make their epic journey southwards to wintering areas in the Mediterranean and in Africa. There really is something for everybody: fun activities designed for children, public bird ringing, ornithological excursions, and photo exhibitions. But the stars of the show are, of course, the birds: from barn swallows, dunlins, sand martins and ringdoves to Cory’s shearwaters, great cormorants and many, many more.

41 partner ogranizations preparing events in 40 countries over Europe and Asia to invite people observe fascinating bird migration.

AOS with Regional Agencies for Protected Areas as well as partner associations, every October are in the field, contributing for the Eurobirdwatch.


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