Headache in the morning / What does it indicate

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The causes that promote the worsening of hypertension are diverse.

Waking up in the morning with a headache is the worst way to start the day.

Headaches in the morning often sound meaningless, due to the very fact that the body is supposed to have rested during the night.

So what causes morning headaches?

In this article written by idituri.com you will learn about the most surprising causes of headaches that break out in the morning.

Insufficient Sleep

The body needs seven to eight hours of sleep to function properly.

If you sleep less, then something is wrong and the body panics.

Hormones peak, along with heart rate, blood pressure and stress, say neurological disease experts.

A quick fix for this problem is some painkillers that work right away.

If you can, try to take a nap for 20-30 minutes to allow your body to function better.

Excessive Sleep

If you sleep more than nine hours, then the level of serotonin, a hormone released by the brain, drops.

The lower the serotonin levels, the less blood circulates to the brain, which promotes headaches.

Hormonal Fluctuations

In the morning, the levels of endorphins, the hormone of good mood, are low.

This can trigger migraines in some people.

According to data from AgroWeb.org, the lack of hormones makes it difficult for the blood circulation in the brain and, consequently, the head hurts.

Physical activity in the morning stimulates the production of hormones and can relieve headaches.

Consequences of Alcohol

If you drank too much alcohol the night before, then prepare for a headache the next morning.

Drinking alcohol causes dehydration and reduced blood flow to the brain.

The best way is to hydrate with water or drinks rich in electrolytes.

Vitamin C dissolved in water helps the liver to process alcohol more efficiently and get it out of the system as soon as possible.


Snoring, lack of air, breathing reduce the amount of oxygen in the brain and disrupt the quality of sleep.

The lack of oxygen dilates the blood vessels and its circulation in the brain.

The pressure is high and the head hurts.

Lack of coffee

Caffeine plays a stimulating role for the nervous system.

If you are used to drinking coffee at a certain time and do not stick to the routine, you will feel severe headaches.

According to data from AgroWeb.org, giving up coffee has the same effect and increases the pressure in the brain causing headaches.


Headaches can also occur as a result of depression.

The latter is strongly associated with low serotonin levels.

Studies available to show that depression disrupts sleep and headaches disrupt mood, thus creating a vicious cycle that cannot be overcome.

High blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, then headaches are more frequent.

High blood pressure is a disease that can be cured through essential changes in the food regimen and related medications./AgroWeb.org

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