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The small city of Himara is definitely the Mediterranean spirit of Ionian. It is called “the sunny town” because of its wonderful weather. Around it, the villages around are so charming.

It is located in southern Albania. The population amounts around 28,000 people. The villages around are: Palase, Dhermi, Ilias, Vuno, Himare, Pilur, Kudhes, Qeparo, Borsh, Piqeras, Sasaj, Lukove, Coraj, Kuc, Kallarat, Bolene and Vranisht.

What one can find in Himara?

The area has a great potential for tourism, with the major characteristics of the municipal town being its seaside promenade the tavernas. This city has traditionally preserved the old town, built on a hill. The town of Himarë consists of the old town, Kastro, situated on the old castle. Around it, there is the coastal region of Spilea, which is the touristic and economic center of the region.

Other parts of the town are Potami, Livadhi, Zhamari, Michaili and Stefaneli. North of the town of Himarë lie the villages of Vuno, Ilias, Dhërmi, with its coastal region Jaliskari, and Palasë.

Dhermi contains a number of recently built beach resorts. Also, its well known of it fancy beaches.

Pilur and Kudhës lie in the mountains, while Qeparo lies to the south of the town of Himarë.

The region has several Orthodox churches and monasteries, built in the traditional Byzantine architecture. For instance, the Monastery of the Cross, Athaliotissa, Saint Theodore, Virgin Mary in Dhërmi and Saint Demetrius.

Moreover, a number of churches are located inside the castle of Himarë, which was initially built in classical antiquity, for example the Church of Virgin Mary, Episkopi, which is built on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo. Similarly, you can find the Aghioi Pantes church in the entrance of the castle.

Things to do:

  • As you are in the Albanian Riviera you absolutely must try the seafood in Himare.
  • In addition, try to hire a kayak and go to the secret beach ‘Gjiri i Filikurit’.


July and August are the busiest months in Albania. For this reason, we advise to try June and September instead, so you’ll have the beach for your own.