Home remedies for stomach ailments

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Follow the tips for curing these diseases, as well as for the preparation and use of folk remedies

Stomach diseases are many and different. For their treatment, folk medicine comes to your aid with some cures, which you can easily prepare. The stomach is located in the upper part of the abdomen, under the ribs and diaphragm, and is connected to the stomach and intestines as a common channel, which continues to the anus. The stomach has the shape of a bag, while its size varies according to age and gender. The stomach is able to expand and hold food in quantities up to several liters. In his weekly interview with the newspaper “Albania”, the popular doctor, Hysni Dankshi, explained the diseases that appear in the stomach and the folk remedies for their recovery.

What diseases can appear in the stomach

Several types of diseases can appear in the stomach, such as acute and chronic gastritis, ulcers and hyperacidity. In acute gastritis, the lining of the stomach becomes infected and inflamed. Also, the lining of the stomach weakens under the action of microorganisms, by chemical substances, by spoiled food and especially when acting against the rules of hygiene.

How nutrition affects acute gastritis

The way of eating and the food that every person consumes are the main causes of this disease. Excessive eating, not chewing food well by mouth, when using heavy, hot, cold, irritating, very sweet foods, meat, fish, potatoes, rotten vegetables, tobacco, alcohol, garlic, coffee, sauces cause gastritis acute.

What are the symptoms of this gastritis?

Acute gastritis has the following symptoms:

– body weakness,

– vomiting,

– pain in the upper abdomen,

– Sour and burning sensation in the stomach.

What is chronic gastritis?

Chronic gastritis is inflammation of the stomach for a long time, as a result of acute processes, especially when the stomach is burdened with excessive, hot and strong foods.

Why is it caused?

Chronic gastritis is caused by loss of appetite, vomiting, regurgitation of food in the stomach, heartburn, headaches, etc.

Yes ulcer why it is caused

Stomach ulcer is caused as a result of chronic gastritis, where pimples develop in the lining of the stomach, or in the initial part of the small intestine (deuden). This is a disease that affects the stomach more often.

Ulcers, how to stop the pain

The people most affected by stomach ulcer disease are men. The true cause of its appearance is still unknown. But since ulcers in most cases are present in people who consume alcoholic beverages, it is thought that this may be the reason why it is more widespread in men. People suffering from stomach ulcers are not recommended to drink coffee. Its consumption would be harmful to their health. Also, the use of aspirin is not advised. People who consume alcohol and suffer from this disease should show special care. Alcohol taken with aspirin or similar analgesics increases the risk of stomach bleeding. One of the effective options used to cure stomach ulcers is honey. Its curative properties are evident if it is used at least 4 teaspoons of honey a day. This conclusion was announced after the announcement of the results of a study conducted in New Zealand. More than 2000 participants took part in it, in which its positive effects were proven. Honey had elements in its composition, which had regenerative effects, especially on wounds. He cleaned them and protected them from various infections. To cure this disease, honey can often be used with the juice of hawthorn leaves. The tea of ​​these leaves, mixed with a quantity of honey, should be left for 24 hours in a container and then drunk from 1 spoon every morning. Basani flower is one of the most important plants, which is recommended for curing stomach ulcers. The tea obtained by boiling this plant in a mixture with olive oil, is left for about 40 days in a glass container. When this measure takes a reddish color, then it can be used. The mass created in the form of a cream can be used every morning until it gives the desired result.

Home remedies and folk cures

Cheese and milk

This healing method is used for ulcers in folk medicine. Take 1 kg of new cheese without salt, 1 kg of boiled and cold milk. Mix them together until a cream form is formed. Keep the preparation in a plastic container in the refrigerator and consume a tablespoon each meal before bread.


Place a teaspoon of chopped mint in a piece of leucoplast, which you should stick on the navel. You should keep the leucoplast there for a few hours until the abdominal pain from the stomach discomfort subsides.


Sauerkraut juice has given good results for stomach diseases and ulcers. This juice should be drunk every 2 hours from 1 tablespoon for 1-2 consecutive months. During this treatment, you should not drink alcoholic beverages and tobacco, while you can drink milk and fruit juices as you wish.

Red beet

For stomach healing, take 50 g of red beet juice, 50 g of squeezed potato juice, 50 g of cranberry juice. These are mixed in a container and left there for 7 consecutive days. This juice is used for the treatment of gastritis, hyperacidity, as well as for the healing of stomach ulcers.

Mixture of plants

This cure is used for the treatment of hyperacid gastritis. Take 10 g of chicory root, 10 g of black juniper fruit, 30 g of nettle leaves, 30 g of wormwood herb. Take 2 teaspoons of this mixture and boil it with 1 glass of water for 15 minutes. This tea is drunk from 2 cups of tea a day.

Basani flowers

Pour 3-4 dried and crushed basan flowers into 2 liters of water. Boil these for 20-30 min. After the preparation cools down, drain and squeeze. The tea is drunk during the day from 1 or 2 glasses of water, slightly lukewarm and sweetened as desired.


Take 1 tablespoon of parsley, yes 1 tablespoon of gram root and a handful of corn whiskers. Boil the mixture with 3 cups of water for 15-20 min. The preparation is drunk 2 times a day from 1 and a half glass of water before bread for 5-6 consecutive days.


For the treatment of ulcers, take 30-40 grams of 19-degree strong grape brandy every morning. This is sipped. Half an hour after drinking brandy, eat 1 tablespoon of honey, and at dinner before going to bed, take 1 tablespoon of basani flower oil. The treatment continues for 30-40 days.


People who consume a lot of garlic are less affected by stomach ulcer disease. It has disinfectant properties. Garlic can be consumed cooked, wet, but also dry. In cases where it is cooked, preferably not too soft, but it would be best to fry it a little so as not to lose its value.


The people most often affected by the stomach ulcer disease are men. This is especially noticeable in those who regularly consume alcoholic beverages. It has not yet been revealed what the causes are.


People who suffer from stomach ulcers and who drink alcoholic beverages should be careful. Alcohol taken with aspirin or similar analgesics increases the risk of stomach bleeding.

The coffee

Patients suffering from stomach ulcers are strictly prohibited from drinking coffee. In fact, it is not recommended to consume products that contain coffee. Its consumption leads to deterioration of health.

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