Përmet, the city of roses, offers for tourist best of its folk music, traditional sweets called “gliko” and so much more. This small city is recently discovered from tourist but with a charming history and nature.

Përmet its knows as the greenest and the cleanest town in Albania. This small town, located in southern Albania, is famous for its folk music and renown clarinetist Laver Bariu, literature personalities, and the good cooking, as gliko or preserved food.You also, have chance to take good wine and raki in Permet.

What can we do in this town?

Have a hike at nearby Fir of Hotova National Park and visit picturesque villages such as Vithkuq.You can see multicultural Permet Festival showcasing, which is the best of local folklore. In addition, the thing to do in Permet is to climb a big rock, it’s very near to the center of the town. It’s called the rock of town looking over the town and Vjosa river. Let’s say this is the point of observation of the town.

What can you find in Permet?

You’ll definitely find the spirit of Balkan. There are small houses with vegetable gardens, bar coffees, and people gathering on the main streets for the traditional ‘xhiro‘. Furthermore, you will find fresh and tasty fruits, not only in every restaurant but in the streets as well.

During the evenings you can take a beer at the bar or a home-made raki. In Permet, one can also find old vintage cars, decadent buildings, fresh mountain air and of course, flowers everywhere. Visitors will find all of these, not in one place, but in every house or street.

Natural spa

There is a famous natural Spa very near to Permet, in Benja. You may take a taxi or even walk if you want. Ask around for directions, the location is in south of Permet. Benja Thermal Baths is a splendid spot for a hot soak on a cool day. Locals say that the baths have healing power.